Daniel Green Lavado


Achievement, to me, means multiple things. As a brief overview, achievement is the success of an aspiration (another ASPIRE value), only accomplished with determination and dedication. Along with this, you may feel enthusiasm, self-confidence, belief, and happiness.

This value can help me and others in school as it is, in a sense, a finish line, a goal, and a target to reach for - which without, life would be meaningless, not to say school! An example of an achievement in school is getting a high score in a test, or even being awarded K-Code at the end of a lesson. These two of many achievements in school are what keeps students, such as myself, motivated to try our hardest and believe in ourselves in all we do for a result we can treasure.

This value has, in fact, helped me many times in life, especially with my favourite hobby, piano. If I were to say one time that achievement has helped me in my life of piano, I’d use a recent example. This example is my motivation for learning ‘Summertime’ by Ella FitzGerald on Piano as a Deep-Jazz style. A summary of the example is that if I successfully learnt this song, I’d be awarded £10 and I’ll be able to make people’s days after performing it in a Summer Music Festival. These achievements have motivated me, helping me learn the song entirely (a long, tiring but fun process) and I will be performing this song in a few weeks.

I have many aspirations for the future, some ranging from great but difficult achievements to small but powerful gifts. I’m sure that my most valued aspiration for the future is to perform on a big stage, with some of my favourite artists and to donate some of the money earnt to those who need it the most. If I were to achieve this, it would be the most treasured achievement of my entire life.