Eva Andrews


Self-awareness is important to me because it means being aware of yourself and your actions. Without self-awareness, it would be harder to learn in lessons because it would mean I would not know what I’m good at and what my weaknesses are. I would not be able to know my gaps. 

An example of when self-awareness is used is during GAP week. This is because in this specific week I focus on the things I have missed during the rest of the learning cycle. Without this value, gap week would be difficult as I wouldn’t know what I need to focus on to improve. 

My future aspirations are to be a great King’s student and to follow the ASPIRE code throughout my time at the school. I think I need self-awareness more than anything to be able to achieve this.

Outside of school self-awareness helps me to avoid getting into controversy with other people and to recognise other peoples’ needs in the community.