Evie Brookes


Integrity is important because you are not only being truthful to others but also to yourself. This is the most important value as it means that you have good morals. By having good morals you can easily be trusted, gaining someone’s trust should be classed as an achievement as it can often be hard for people to know if you show full integrity or not, meaning earning that trust is vital.

My ambitions are to become a great student that will leave King’s knowing that I tried my best and achieved my goal. Integrity will help me to reach my goals as if I gain trust in my teachers they should be able to gain trust in me. This way I shall be able to concentrate on my work and the teachers shall be able to focus on all students.

Integrity will be helpful in my future because whenever I want to apply for a job, if I don’t show integrity then I might not receive the correct position in that job industry. For example, I will either be working on way too much or have an easy job that I will get bored with.