Keira McGuigan


I think that endeavour is the most important value that is included in the ASPIRE values. Endeavour means trying your very hardest to complete everything to the best of your ability. I think this is important because if you don’t try your hardest at everything then you will never know your; strong points, weak points, points of improvement and what you are really capable of. 

I endeavour mainly towards my school work and professionalism in school but I also endeavour outside of school as well. For example, I have horses and it is really important to never give up on animals. With horses, you must always end on a good note because they are very smart but they are just like your best friends when it comes to partnership. Trying your hardest is important.

Everyone should endeavour at times. Some people try and enjoy a hobby or a sport while others focus on maths or English. Teachers, parents and carers will always push you to endeavour even though they may not say the actual word ‘endeavour’. It is important that you know endeavour is the same as ‘try hard’ or ‘do your best’.