Aidan Chan


Despite being in Year 7, I know it is incredibly important for a person to aspire to achieve goals, ambitions and dreams.  Aspiration is what encourages people to do well every single day; it is what gets people out of bed in the morning and it is what makes people strive to be better.  


When starting school we are encouraged to aspire to have ambitions to aim towards; for me, it is becoming a pilot.  I understand the challenges that come with a job like this and I know it will not be an easy journey - but by having these aspirations I know that I will be able to push myself and endeavour to achieve this dream.  


In order to achieve my aspirations I know that I must work hard at home.  With the help of my family and friends I will be able to reach my goals and by studying hard whilst at King’s I know I will be guaranteed success.  For example, this year I aspired to improve in my Maths and English; I have become a lot more confident in my English and ended up having the highest score in my Maths class.  My aspirations and goals ensured I was able to achieve this and this is what encourages me to push myself towards my life goal; becoming a pilot.