Behaviour & Rewards

The Academy can only flourish successfully in an atmosphere of trust, mutual understanding and good order. We expect the highest standards from our students and encourage them to be professional at all times.

Classroom Behaviour

The following strategies are used in the King’s classroom when a student’s behaviour adversely affects the learning environment. It is designed to assist implementation of the ‘Academy Routines’ and is separate to the formalised rewards systems which we operate.

There will be times when extreme behaviour ‘fast tracks’ the normal process below or triggers intervention from a senior member of staff. Parents are advised that as part of our Behaviour Policy, the Academy has the legal authority to issue no-notice detentions to students. Where an after-school detention has been set (incident 3 or higher for example), the Academy will make every attempt to ensure sufficient notice is provided to parents/carers.

It should be noted that under education law however, the Academy is not legally required to inform parents/carers of a detention, nor is it required to have their permission to keep a child in detention. Recurrence of sanctions will often require parents to attend a meeting to discuss the next course of action.

The Academy also operates a ‘Restart’ programme for level 4/5 incidents which may be used as a preventative measure to avoid a fixed term exclusion. Students will work in isolation with a member of the senior staff for a set period of time and parents will be notified by phone call and letter.

Should behaviour be serious enough, the Principal may decide to issue an exclusion (fixed term or permanent). Exclusion from the Academy is used in exceptional circumstances, where all other remedies have failed, or to deal with a particularly serious incident. Such exclusions are carried out in line with DfE guidance.

A re-integration meeting will take place on the child’s return to school with parents and the student, led by their Academic Leader. Occasionally there may arise the need to investigate an incident which will require us to interview students and ask them to write a statement to clarify their involvement. At such times, and in accordance with current national practice, we reserve the right to search and interview students without parental permission, although we would always seek to inform parents at the earliest opportunity.

Praise & Rewards

House Point Criteria

House Points can be awarded for:

• Outstanding effort

• Representing the Academy

• Attending an extra lesson or revision class

• Showing the ASPIRE values

• A full cycle’s attendance and punctuality

• Progress/achievement

• Participation in extra-curricular activities

• Setting a good example

• Effort and ASPIRE scores of 1 in Progress Reviews


In addition, further awards for positive behaviour include:

• Verbal praise

• Merits

• Praise postcards home

• A mention to your Academic Tutor, teacher or SLT

• Leadership responsibility

• Reward assemblies

• Note in planner

• Phone calls home

Positive Referrals in Class

Positive referrals in Class

Students are rewarded for their endeavours both in and outside of the classroom. The system involves collecting of monarchs, which can be saved over time and spent in the school’s rewards auctions. The students can earn and lose monarchs in a variety of ways.

Firstly, inside of the classroom students are scored on their attitude to learning each lesson. Each score matches to a specific number of monarchs that are added electronically to the students balance weekly. In addition, students earn paper monarchs for exemplary pieces of work or homework.

Attitude to learning score Corresponding monarchs
Outstanding 20
Good 5
Poor -20
Unacceptable -40

Outside of the classroom students receive monarchs for leadership within the school community. This can be by showing professionalism in their meal choices, being leader of the day, a strong classroom greeter, or representing the school in a sports team.

Finally, the students are taxed on their incoming monarchs each week based on their attendance for that week.


The system provides students with an electronic bank style account from which they receive weekly statements which allows them to keep track of their behaviour.

LC5 Statement Auction

Each learning cycle, the students have the opportunity to spend their monarchs during an auction event. Students’ use their iPads to bid on a range of lots varying from teacher homeworks, sub-house films, subway lunches and beauty makeovers. We believe that students achieve well through constant encouragement and well-deserved praise.